Measurements needed for boats not listed

1. Print out this page.

2. Determine which transom outline most resembles your boat.

3. Draw in and add dimensions to any handles,tow eyelets etc.(only if located above a level of which is 3" below the mounting height of motor) If a troll motor cutout is needed, mark were troll motor will be mounted. The following link to shows how to take these measurements- How to measure

4. Price is determined by dimension "A"        

    "A" up to 27" is priced same as Pro-15 --- 28" to 32" is priced same as Pro-17 --- 33" and up is priced same as Pro-19

5. If paying by credit card this form can be faxed to 815-361-0806 or mailed to Whitecap Mfg., 2017 Norton Dr., Shakopee, MN, 55379. Or just send this page along with the order form. Pictures are welcome by email or mail but are not necessary.

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