Whitecap™ Splashguard Frequently Asked Questions

Is installation available?
Yes, installation is $45.00 Please call ahead to make an appointment.
I have a boarding ladder will that be a problem?
We would need the boat at our shop to work around a boarding ladder , another option is to remove the ladder.
How hard are they to install if I do it myself?
Most people find them easy to install. Tools needed are a pencil, Phillips screwdriver and a drill with a 5/32 and a 5/16 drill bit, detailed instructions are included. They take around 45 minutes to install.
I can’t decide which side to put my trolling motor on; which side do most people put it on?
Most people put their electric troll motors on the right (starboard) side. Most gas kickers are put on the left (port) side. Ultimately you have to decide which position your going to be most comfortable with.
How are the guards shipped? We use UPS for all US residents. For Canadian orders we use USPS or UPS. Brokerage fees for Canadian residents using UPS can be over $30. USPS is around $8. Delivery times using USPS can be over 3 weeks where UPS is around 8 business days. Local taxes are also due to the receiver in Canada.
Do you ship to Europe? Yes, We ship Via USPS. Cost is $75 and it usaully take 10 business days.
How long has Whitecap been in business?
We have been in business since 1996.
Do I have to mention what electric troll motor I have when I order?
Only if you have the Minnkota Vantage "power lift" troll motor or a Minnkota with the Kota-stow bracket.

Is the price for one splashguard or a set? The price is for a set with all hardware and installation instructions.

What is the difference between  Pro-15, Pro-17 and Pro-19 models?  The models refer to the height of the guards in inches. The Pro-19 Model will either be 19" or 22" high depending on the boat. Guards are custom fit to your specific boat model and are not generic one size fits all.                                                                            
Does the rubber take the paint off the motor?
We have had no incidents of rubbing the paint off the motor.
I have a cover for my boat. How will splashguards affect using my cover?
If the cover is loose fitting some covers will go over the guards, otherwise most drawstring covers can be tucked between the boat and the guard. If you have a tight fitting snap cover you can leave the guards on if the rear snaps are relocated to the top lip of the transom. Guards can also be easily removed in less than a minute.
How long does it take to get the guards?
After receiving payment by check,credit card or money order most guards are shipped in 1-3-business days. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days. Guards can also be picked up in Shakopee MN (Please call ahead). Guards can also be shipped COD to an address where someone will be around to make payment. There is an extra $6.00 charge for COD orders.
What is your warrantee/refund policy?
There is a 3 yr. warrantee on the guards that covers all parts and labor. If you receive the guards and want to return or exchange them just send back the guards and we will refund 100% of the purchase price or send out a new set.